January 22, 2024

2024: Consolidation Looming for Media, AdTech, and Publishers

The next 12 months could kickstart a wave of consolidation across the media landscape - from the big TV networks and streamers through to the smaller independent publishers and the adtech middlemen.
January 2, 2024

Cut the Chain, Buy Direct, and Rethink Open Web

A forensic dive in the programmatic supply chain by US peak advertisers body the ANA could signal significant consolidation - if marketers are listening.
December 27, 2023

A New Age of Advertising Technology in 2024

Digital advertising in 2024 will be transformed by new privacy rules, AI, new media channels, and the dominance of Big Tech. It will be a rollercoaster year as brands and advertisers seek to deploy technology the right way to optimize media spend.
December 6, 2023

Cookie Cull: Will UID 2.0 See a Second Wave?

Alternative IDs and alternative cross-media measurement technologies could see a second wave of adoption now that Google insists cookies have one year max.
November 30, 2023

Why AdTech’s New Era Will Revolve Around the Data Collaboration Platform

Data Collaboration will take center stage from the mid 2020s as brands seek to unleash the power of their own customer intelligence and work with other data providers and partners that may not immediately appear obvious.
November 28, 2023

Independent AdTech Majors Eye CTV Pay Dirt – But Will Networks and Streamers Fully Open Up?

Independent adtech providers continue to chisel away at the dominance of the Big Walled Gardens, and streaming TV may provide them with a revenue boost. However, the move to fully decisioned programmatic trading across the broadcast space appears to be some way off.
November 21, 2023

The Probabilistic Data Race – A Look Into 2024

The Google Chrome cookie is on its way out in a year. What technology solutions will replace the age old way of targeting desktop consumers?
November 7, 2023

Privacy Pinch: Will Lawmakers End Up Making People Pay to Opt Out of Targeted Ads?

European data regulators banning Meta from using user data to power its ad business without their explicit consent - and Meta's reaction in launching a subscription service - provides a litmus test for the rest of the ad industry around consent, the value of data and the underpinnings of the 'free' internet.
November 1, 2023

Carbon Crunch: Do ESG Mandates Herald Advertising Supply Chain Consolidation?

The digital ad supply chain is under renewed scrutiny as big advertisers start to direct ad budgets based on publisher carbon footprints. But whether for environmental reasons or simply investment efficiency, some of the people who helped build the programmatic industry think a shakeout is long overdue.
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