Our Segments

7000+ Segments

to Hyper Target Individuals

With thousands of target audience data segments to choose from, brands and advertisers can hyper target high value audiences by B2B segments, on-target demographics, purchase intent from transaction data spending, mobile app interests, and much more:

The Professional

High Financial Literacy

Household Income $160k+

Frequent Business Traveller

Intent to Purchase Property

Credit Risk Insight – Low Risk

The Urban Dweller

High Spender in Women’s Clothing

Frequent Buyer in Meal Delivery

Frequent Retail Shopping

Stays at Economy Hotels


Car Enthusiast

Tech Savvy Consumer

Heavy Mobile Gamer

Top Spender in Vegan Dining

The Wellness Warrior

Subscribe to Health Apps

Frequent Leisure Traveller

Natural Cosmetics User

Aspiring Chef

The Benefits

Superior Data, Superior Results

of Your Best Customers

Capture the holy grail of the right person, right message, right place, and right time with AlikeAudience. By collecting signals from billions of mobile devices and anonymous purchase records to create high value audience segments, marketers can execute accurate audience targeting campaigns at scale. The result: massive reach and engagement, better ROI.

Accurately Predict Purchase Intent

with Transaction Data Targeting

Reach audiences anywhere who spend more than market average across a wide range of products and services. By matching exclusive credit card data with mobile signals such as location data, AlikeAudience offers marketers a powerful transaction data marketing strategy to skyrocket customer conversions.

Perfect Targeting

with Custom Audience Segments

Reach and target the perfect prospect with built-for-you custom audience segments. Whether you are targeting professional mountaineers in their 30s or frequent shoppers of specialized products, AlikeAudience has thousands of attributes from mobile and credit card data to hyper target niche audiences for high ROI campaigns.


Customer Segments


Unique Active Device





*Up to 90% of Age & Gender, tested and validated by Nielsen Digital & Ratings(DAR)

Our Data



Privacy First is how we built AlikeAudience. Our business is based on privacy models to prepare for the future of Big Data. This means that we work only with trusted data partners and consumer-consented data that are fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Our data is not only in line with leading regulations, but also used for the sole purpose of relevant advertising and analytics. When it comes to generating data, AlikeAudience is uncompromising in our standards and processes to protect consumer privacy.

Differential Privacy

We execute the most rigorous privacy standards to ensure zero possibility of any individual being identified from aggregate data.

No Personally identifiable information (PII)s

No PIIs are processed at any time through our data models and methodology.

End-to-End Encryption

Our data storage and processing facilities use industry-trusted services from AWS.

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